Ice cream stick production process

Ice cream stick production process

Ice cream stick production process

Wood inspection

To ensure that the tree trunk is suitable for the production of ice cream sticks, the cut wood is inspected at the cutting site in the forest. (In this project, the wood is controlled in the seller’s warehouse. Of course, sometimes quality control is done in our warehouse first and then accept the wood).


Proper storage of wood to prevent anything that may damage its quality is vital.

Peeling machine

The timber is peeled and then rolled into sheets.


Before punching, the wood is automatically tested for surface defects, cracks, etc.


 The punched and dried rods are then moved to the polishing drum for further polished final preparation.


After the final ٪ 100 check, the ice cream sticks are packed in a container or box or in bands of 50 through an automated sorting system, which can detect defects of one tenth of a millimeter, as well as cracks.


Every half hour, various aspects of the wood are inspected from all production lines to check the quality as well as the successful performance of the entire sampling process.

Thermal brand (branding)

  All ice cream sticks can be branded with a unique brand by heat or other method, at the request of the customer.


In this section, the boxes of ice cream sticks produced are screwed into pallets.

Energy consumption and waste:

In this factory, the production method is completely based on mechanical equipment and all equipment is electrical. In the timber vaporization phase, a gas boiler will be used to produce steam, which will have only water vapor and carbon dioxide emissions. All wood waste of this factory will be sold to chipboard factories for use. This workshop has no industrial effluent.

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